Friday, November 20, 2009

Effective English Teaching: Why Some Students Think The English Language Is A Boring Study Subject

I hate to admit it, but back in my college days, when my English professor comes in to our class, all of us would start groaning. It means all of us would have to endure 1 and a half hour of boring English language lecture. And it always makes me laugh whenever I remember those days.

I guess a lot of people in my age before, who feel the same way too. Why does everyone find English as a boring course?

It’s a known fact that a lot of students, teenagers mainly, think that the English subject is boring. And I don’t blame them. However, I do believe that it is not the subject itself which is uninteresting, but the one who is conveying them to the students might be. In simple terms, it is the teacher that might be boring.

And because of technology nowadays, most young students are reluctant to study English because of the many grammar checkers and programs available to them today. Anything is possible in learning through the internet and I guess that is the purpose why we depend so much with the modern technologies that we have.
If that is the case, most of us will automatically rely on what the internet provide us, with the necessary information we needed.

Believe all you want, but I certainly believe that the education of the students mainly rests in the hands of the capable teacher. Now I’m not saying that all teachers are boring. It’s just that they are mainly teaching based on their experience as a teacher. They must impart the knowledge that every students oath to know and for them to find love the topic, the one who teaches should catch their interest in learning English course.

There are many new techniques in effectively teaching English and yet some teachers scoff at the idea and continue using their old methods. Well, continue doing this and I guarantee most of your students will be sleeping in your face!

However, some teachers won’t mind if their students are listening or not, as long as they have discuss what they oath to discuss.

It’s a rude awakening, but by using these new techniques, then perhaps we can turn around the attention of the students. One way for you to make the classroom livelier is by having a small debate over a topic that interests students. You can check the pronunciation and grammar of the students and then inform them their strengths and weaknesses. This will make them realize that having an English class is not so boring after all.

Another thing you can do is make your discussions into some sort of a game. Most students like that and they will be challenged to do their best. You can have a spelling battle in order to test out their grammar skills. There are many ways of making the English class an interesting one. You must have the creativeness on how you care going to start the class where all of your students will become livelier and are eager to learn more.

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